Security-Driven Software Development

Many development teams struggle with prioritizing vulnerability and bug fixes against a never-ending request for new features from the business. As a result, most compromised systems are the result of an unpatched known vulnerability.

For us here at SimplyCubed, we believe that features, security, and bug fixes are all on the same side. Instead of putting them against one another, we’ve created a way of working and prioritizing where we instead focus on maximizing benefits for end-users. Doing this allows us to best support them while at the same time, directly benefiting our clients.

Secure applications without the needed functionality are marginally better than insecure applications with lots of features. In either case, they provide little or no value for users.

How We Work

On project engagements, we start with a high-level overview of the system design to confirm our understanding of the requirements and to highlight any potential risks or design flaws. For maximum benefits, this starts as early as possible within the project far before any hands-on development begins.

From there, we set up a simple, standardized, and highly automated development workflow. We use this to provide clients will full transparency on the progress, quality, and security using real-time reporting.

This workflow also allows us to capture incoming requests and feedback from users, stakeholders, and automated checks. Our primary goal in working this way is simplicity. Having a single place to find answers allows us to ultimately minimize our "Time to Respond" to security, quality, and business needs.

Finally, we are very aware of the risk in teams to over-engineer solutions. We protect against this by removing as much as we can from projects and focus on delivering first an end-to-end solution that can meet basic requirements. From there, we iterate quickly, adding the remaining features while always looking at ways to remove complexity and unneeded features.

If you’d like to know more about how we work or how your teams might benefit from our approach, schedule a consultation today.