Embedding Security Within the Value Chain

Here at SimplyCubed, we work with clients to gain the visibility and process needed in their organization to manage risks and mitigate threats.

In most cases, this includes obtaining the necessary support from the executives and stakeholders to build just the policies, processes, and standards needed to be effective.

For application and cloud platform security, we then work with product and development teams to integrate security in the process from the very beginning. Being involved from the early concept stages through to delivery can help speed up design, development, and value generation.

As the number of product and development teams grow most of the person to person interaction with security will take place mainly in these early stages.

The later stages in the process flow from development to testing, and finally, through to release and support are the primary areas where we look to automation and automated workflows for help.

It is critical to establish Security as an enabler, not a blocker. This can only be achieved by becoming part of the customer value chain.

In Summary We Help To

  1. Obtain the needed support from executives and stakeholders
  2. Get involved, as an enabler, from the early concept stages.
  3. Map out the product creation and development processes.
  4. Identify security issues during the initial design and concept phases.
  5. Create an build the processes necessary to automate the later vulnerability, testing, and support phases.