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Frequently Asked Questions

Why does SimplyCubed exist?

SimplyCubed is here for the single purpose of delivering value through applied analytics and machine learning. We do this through launching our own services and helping startups succeed by quickly moving from concept to launch and then to wide market adoption using a flexible and reproducible approach.

What types of companies does SimplyCubed work with?

SimplyCubed works with dedicated and driven startups with a desire to target the US and Japan markets.

Where is SimplyCubed located?

SimplyCubed was founded in the US and have team members globally distributed in a half a dozen countries. We have small teams and work in a way that let us communicate with each other and with clients much faster and easier than traditional companies.

Is SimplyCubed an IT or Business consultancy?

SimplyCubed is very technology enabled consulting firm. We often look to technology to help startups create and execute business strategies.

Does SimplyCubed work within any specific industries or market segments?

While the majority of our services and experience can be applied to most companies and industries we’ve found that we are able to add the most value for startups within the financial and technology industries targeting B2B customers in the US and Japan.

What are your standard rates?

Our rates vary between US$175 and US$225 per hour. For new startups with a solid team and drive to succeed we are open and interested in discussing partnerships.