A quick update from Security Days

No official counts but looks like about 30 vendors and 500 attendees.

The most exciting thing in security today was CYBERGYM.

Our expertise and training ensure your people are ready for an actual cyber event. - CyberGym

My takeaway from their presentation is that they use gyms in different countries and run teams through realistic simulations.

  1. Realistic Training Arena
  2. Zero-Risk Environment
  3. Global Cyberwarfare Network
  4. Customized Program

I don’t have any direct experience with CyberGym, but I’m definitely in favor of practical hands-on training to help teams prepare.

Out outside of that, most vendors were still talking mostly about perimeter and email security, which is a repeat of the last few years. Now just with “including machine learning” stapled at the end of the marketing.

Compared with US security conferences, it’s still very much focused on vendors pitching their products during the talk. It would be great to see more of a focus on providing the audience with real-world use cases and learnings they can take with them.

I am looking forward to the next two days at Security Days with the hopes of finding more innovation.