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About Us

Our Philosophy

In our growing digital world, we believe the only feasible approach to adequately managing IT risks is to apply a constant and incremental improvement to automatic workflows.

We've found again and again that breakdowns within security are more often the result of either human error or the failure of the process needed to mitigate or resolve risks. For example, in application security, it is more likely that a system will get compromised because it does not have the available patches than because of a new zero-day exploit.

To overcome this, we first focus on implementing a minimized and flexible workflow, apply automation, and then continue to iterate. Adding where needed while always striving to simplify and remove where possible.


Secure software for all,
on every device, by default.

SimplyCubed exists to help our clients identify, manage, and resolve application and IT-related risks. We do this by automating the discovery, management, and resolution of software vulnerabilities.

What sets us apart is our ability to provide real-time support, which often includes developing patches and applying mitigations until a permanent solution is available. In the case of open source, we then work with project maintainers to contribute fixes upstream.

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Our Drive

Our Company

Secure software for all, on every device, by default.
To provide software engineers the tools and training they need to build secure applications effortlessly.
Focus on securing data, and everything else will follow.

It is best to do one thing very well.

Always strive for simplicity.
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