Mission – SimplyCubed

SimplyCubed’s mission is to provide engineers experienced and new with a place to learn the exciting world of DevOps, automated testing, and continuous delivery within modern cloud and container filled environments.

To clarify, DevOps, for us focuses on building a dynamic IT infrastructure that scales and changes with business demands. It’s treating infrastructure as code, designing, building, testing, and continuously pushing forward while minimizing operational costs and risks. It’s also about crossing the traditional software developer and infrastructure engineer divides and creating an all-inclusive approach to technology.

What to expect

First of all, we are an experienced team of DevOps with experience building applications and infrastructure for firms ranging from Internet startups to Fortune 100 financial firms.  Our experience itself ranges from full stack application development to fully automated, self-healing, IT infrastructure hosted in the cloud.

With these skills and never-ending desire to improve we are here to provide you with the technical training and know-how needed to build automated, secure, and robust systems that scale while minimizing the overall time, effort, and budget.

This means that regardless if you are a fortune 100 with thousands of servers or a startup with only a few were here to share the tools, tactics, and strategies needed to help you maximize gains and minimize the agonizing pains that come from failed projects, building fragile systems, and 2AM phone calls.

What we ask of you

As we build out the training material, videos, and tutorials we will need your feedback. It will help us now how to improve and the specific types of  problems and challenges you are facing. If we miss the mark and you don’t like what you find, we’d also like to hear from you too. Our mission is to provide you with the best support in the market. Period.

Up Next

We’ve started creating 2 mini courses on HashiCorp Consul and Vault. These are 2 amazing open source technologies which can be used to help build stable, robust, and highly secure IT environments. Our goal with these courses is to provide extremely useful tools and learning which you can implement today.